RaGen™ Energy Partners functions as your Owner’s Representative providing technical, financial and legal support services to ensure projects are completed on time and in budget. Large construction projects can balloon in costs with time delays, subcontractor disputes and procurement challenges, RaGen™ Energy Partners is your expert and advocate. RaGen™ Energy partners is a licensed and bonded C10 electrical contractor, with over 45 years of trade experience. Our management team has been directly involved in hundreds of system installations in California over the years.

Our service includes, but is not limited to:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Engineering/Design
  • RFP Management
  • Financing
  • Project Management
  • Installation/Interconnection/Commissioning
  • On-Going Billing support
  • Service Contracts
Now you can Monetize your roof and other unused spaces for 25+ years of worry-free income. Contact us NOW for your feasibility study!

What does an “Owners Representative” do?

We maximize the value and quality of your project by providing a fully managed, fully supervised project from Day 1, thru final commissioning of the solar system… and then way beyond.  

We streamline the entire process front and back end including: project verification, evaluation, engineering/design, funding, installation, system management/maintenance, personnel training (if applicable) and any ancillary services i.e., billing for the lifetime of the system.

However, RaGen™ does NOT leave once the project has been completed, as is common with Owners Rep companies in general.  Our business model is based on long term service and maintenance for the life of your system…  unheard of… until now!

Consequently, because of our lifelong network of industry connections, we know we work with the most talented designers and engineers, competitive funding sources, top-of-the-line equipment, highly experienced install teams and billing integration components, then combine them all to provide an expertly structured, value added, MONEY MAKING project for our clients. That’s the RaGen™ promise.

As a full-service provider, RaGen™ represents your interests in a way that most efficiently meets your goals and objectives for your project.  We will manage all third-party communication in regard to the project. We will save you time, save you money and utilize our provider network to get the best-in-class system installed with minimal disruption at the project site and get that revenue generator up and running as quickly as possible.

Just as you would not want to buy a house without an appraisal, we understand the importance to developing a solid project proposal with realistic revenues projected for at least 25 years or more of the systems lifetime. We design the system and structure the deal to maximize the systems value as a money-making asset. One that will increase the property owners NOI and property value, in conjunction with providing a steady and potentially sizeable income for many years into the future. 

Yes, our clients are like modern day “Solar Barons” … very similar to the “Oil Barons” of Yester year. That “IS” our objective for you, our potential client. 

That’s why we say… “We are NOT just another Solar Company and are much more than a typical Solar Owners Representative!”

At RaGen™ we like to think we are in fact a “partner” of sorts, with the objective of helping you take back your power (no pun intended) and structuring a deal that allows you to make you the most money you can from your Solar system for many years to come! We roll up our sleeves on Day #1 and will be there in year 25. 

Our first priority is to provide the most uncomplicated, professional experience possible and allow our customers to get THE MOST COMPETITIVE PRICING, TOP-RATED EQUIPMENT, THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE WARRANTY AND FIRST-CLASS SERVICE, ALL IN ONE PLACE. That’s what we do! 

Next, we manage, service and maintain your system for its lifetime including your monthly billing. 

Full details will be provided in your extensive no-cost feasibility report, should your property qualify.

Thank you to our ever increasing network of Industry partners throughout the U.S. and Abroad.

Call us right now and see if your building qualifies!



At RaGen™ Energy Partners we believe in providing access to clean renewable energy to ALL. For too long renters and commercial lease holders we are unable to benefit from solar savings and property owners were not incentivized to make the investment into clean energy. With RaGen™ ’s S+SaaS™ Platform property owners now have the ability to generate more income by selling cheap clean energy, etc, etc

As Owners rep’s, we offer full-service development and end-to-end management of the Energy projects we undertake for our clients. We do the work, so you don’t have to.

RaGen™ is NOT just another Solar Company… we make you money!