The safest way to maximize your solar investment – lifetime value. We create BANKABLE Revenues!

The RaGen™ “Virtual Grid” S+Saas™ solution generates positive cash flow for owners by consistently and predictably unlocking energy revenue for multi-tenant properties. 

Because our business model incorporates the pairing of some of the most sophisticated back-end computer software with the latest and most technically advanced Solar hardware, we are actually able to offer our customers the ability to own your own power… and YES! … send your tenants monthly billing statements, just like the BIG UTILITIES do.

Now your tenants are getting their energy at a discounted rate (you determine the discount) and they are using CLEAN, GREEN, Solar energy and paying YOU, the landlord or property owner, just like they used to pay to the Utility company. 

Studies have shown your Tenants are going to love you for contributing to a cleaner environment making this S+Saas™ solution an absolute Win, Win for landlord and Tenants. 

Saas™ Cloud based energy Intelligence enables the sharing of the real time benefits of a Solar system or other energy generating resource accurately, fairly and economically.

It’s our S+Saas™ solution to this previously impossible to solve problem that makes us the leader in the C+I REVENUE GENERATING space, and not just another Solar Company that is saving you money! RaGen™ Energy Partners help MAKE YOU MONEY, LOTS OF MONEY, if your building/s qualifies.

Let’s look a little deeper and see what our S+Saas™ is all about.

First, the “S+” portion comprises of the most state-of- the- art Solar system available. Utilizing maximum efficiency solar panels and best in class Inverters. We provide hardware that is so high quality that we can offer a comprehensive solar energy production guarantee over the life of the system.

Saas™ – Software as a Service means that our software will seamlessly integrate with your billing ledger to automate the billing and accounting of each meter allowing owners to provide real time data and savings to their tenant meters.  Now Property Managers and Owners can easily bill and account for solar generation and profits, no need for an expensive accountant or billing department.  Our proprietary software does it all, except deposit your money into your bank!

Now we pair the Hardware technology with an exciting new software technology developed to help property owners with multiple tenant electric meters bill for shared energy generation and we have the PERFECT system to help property owners increase ROI, property values and profits.

In the past, the BIG PROBLEM.

In the past there were many reasons why property owners could not or would not install a Solar system and try to then sell the energy to their tenants and these included: ROI’s to far out, not financially exciting, difficult to assess individual’s usage and fairly, utility/regulatory issues, complicated and time consuming and liability issues, to name a few. Let’s just say, it was not an attractive proposition to a property owner, and not a predictable money maker by any means.

Now, there is a SOLUTION, at last.

With our “Virtual Grid software” offering the solution is here at last. Not only can we assist Tenants in saving money on their energy costs and Guarantee it. But for the owner, we can create a never before existing revenue stream (with predictable, bankable returns) and a managed billing operation with accurate solar billing, fair allocations and automatic discount logic.

RaGen™ S+Saas™ is Easy - Sit Back and Relax!

Thank you to our ever increasing network of Industry partners throughout the U.S. and Abroad.

Call us right now and see if your building qualifies!



At RaGen™ Energy Partners we believe in providing access to clean renewable energy to ALL. For too long renters and commercial lease holders we are unable to benefit from solar savings and property owners were not incentivized to make the investment into clean energy. With RaGen™ ’s S+SaaS™ Platform property owners now have the ability to generate more income by selling cheap clean energy, etc, etc

As Owners rep’s, we offer full-service development and end-to-end management of the Energy projects we undertake for our clients. We do the work, so you don’t have to.

RaGen™ is NOT just another Solar Company… we make you money!